Anti-shoplifting and display securitysystems for retailers.
Different types of anti-shoplifting security-systems. Especially line security, cabinet-security or display-security is often used in the multimedia world.

Anti-shoplifting security of multimedia products: How does it work?

Product-security for small electronic products
In line security systems are usually a composition of an alarm box which is connected to one or more splitter boxes, depending on the number of products to be protected. Each product to be protected against shoplifting is then connected to the splitter box by means of a sensor cable.The sensor cables are available in a wide variety of options. The part that is attached to the product can either be a simple type of sticky sensor using special 3M tape; a lasso type sensor to be attached around a closed handle on the product, like a water cooker;  a USB sensor using an available port on a computer or lap-top etc.  A loud alarm is produced when the contact between the product and the splitter box is broken either by cutting the sensor or unplugging it from the product or the splitter box.

Cabinet-and furniture security
Showcase-security alarm is also a commonly used form of product-security. Costly and theft sensitive  items are placed in a closed cabinet with electronic locks. Only the store employees have access to the cabinets. If the door is opened without the electronic key or the door of the cabinet remains open for too long a time, an alarm occurs. The big advantage of our electronic locks is that the keys are coded by the alarm system with a unique code. If a key is lost or stolen, the remaining keys can be reprogrammed by the store manager in a matter of minutes – at the same time making the codes of any missing keys useless.

In the mechanical product security an alarm is not created. The goods are secured using our  roll-up organizers  with a steel cable. This form of product protection is used to secure  cheaper products such as electric toothbrushes, dummy phones, MP4 players, etc. It is also possible to  add  an electronic security system for the displays.

We specialize in the following product safety:
• Protection of store displays.
• Security of mobile phones and smartphones.
• Securing tablets.
• Security of digital cameras.
• Security of laptops and computers.
• Security of shop display cases.
• Protection of furniture and cabinets.
• Security products in blister hooks.

Security with digital signage
This product security, you can protect not only your products and charge but at the same time through a TFT display your product information to communicate to a potential customer. A very efficient and affordable way to improve. Communication with your customer.